In the beginning there was an ad,

And the ad said "'70 mach1. Possible dream car. $1200"

And I was pleased, so I sought to view this mach1,

and I rejoiced in great volume because I had found my dream...

Then I awoke...


A mach1 for $1200... This I had to see... so I did. The ad was right, it was a '70 mach1 (I wanted a '69, but in Hawaii, beggars can't be choosers) and the price was $1200, and the possible dream car was true too... but it should have said "in a dream it is possibly a car".

It had been driven to the leeward coast of Oahu one bright morning and failed to ever make it home again. It was stolen, stripped and recovered. When it was recovered the only things that didn't make it back into the car were the shifter handle and the front spoiler... HPD was either lucky or the thieves were stupid...

Anyway, the insurance had already paid off the previous owner, so they sold it to a junkyard, who sold it to a Kirby Vacuum salesman who in turn started to put it together, then was forced to sell it to, yep you guessed it, one of those born every minute... a fool... me.

My initial plan was just to get it turned into a daily driver... yea right... how many times have we heard that! So here is what I had to work with:

So, after way too much money was spent, and I thought I was going nuts, I almost stopped and scrapped the whole damn thing, but I persevered and finally got it done. So read on to find out all the interesting things that I did to to the mach1 in returning it to the life a nice car deserves. If you are a concours type, you may not like all of what you see here, but what the hell I have worked on concours cars too, and my knuckles get just as bloody on either type of car... I think Ford created a good car, but I make it the show winner... not them.

So click on the links to the left to go and see what was done.


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