Yep, A Daihatsu Hi-jet "Jumbo". That means "King Cab" in english...

Notice the road gripping 145-70 R10 wheels... and it is no slouch in the power department either... with all three cylinders and 560 cc's of neck snapping power, it easily propels me from 0-60 kph in 15.2 seconds and does the 1/4 kilometer in 17.2 seconds from a rolling start pointed downhill. If you wish to "enjoy" a comparable power to weight ratio, go find yourself a VW Bug, remove 2 of the sparkplugs and take it for a test drive. Then you will understand the joy of driving my Hi-Jet.

About the only thing that is "Jumbo" about my Hi-Jet is the stereo. I am running a Kenwood KDC-4006 with Pioneer 5" Coaxes up front with some Yamaha 3 way box speakers in the back... They take up most of the cargo area behind the seats, but without them driving would be a chore instead of a tolerable activity. And at 35W x 4 the sound is definitely full force at driving speeds.. The only problems come from the ringing in my ears and the cops telling me to turn it down. But just because they don't appreciate the Allman Brothers at 110 db, it isn't really my fault, is it?


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